Client Reviews

What Clients Are Saying About The Legal Team At Ludwig Law

“Fantastic in the courtroom…”

In a lifetime I could not express the gratitude I have for Eric, his wife Michelle and his staff, for the exceptional professionalism and unending energy that helped win our case. And win we did!!

As many have experienced, my journey has been a long pain painful road for my son and I. Eric (not my first attorney) was able to deliver despite very attempt made from the other side.

In my opinion, it is his experience, knowledge of the law, and pit bull litigation style that commands respected in the court room. It is his ability to litigate while staying focused on the whole picture that sets him apart.

But more than that, he really is on your team. It’s not about billing, it isn’t about business. It’s about heart. When we went into court, he was ready. He was prepared and focused. He was able to get it done while not wasting money or your time. He’ll be honest and upfront so be prepared to hear the truth.

Eric, thank you so much for fighting for what’s right. I appreciate you and all that you have done for my son and I.

Cheers to you
– Jon

“More than an attorney…”

I don’t have the words to express how grateful I am to Michelle Ludwig and the Ludwig Law Center for taking my case and representing me. Michelle was always approachable and honest, she never misled me or allowed me to have unrealistic hopes for our outcome. In a world where so many attorneys make idle promises and take client money with no results, have hidden fees, and fail to respond timely to concerns, it is refreshing to have an attorney who truly takes the time to understand your unique concerns, your individual family needs, and who gives hope and encouragement that when it’s all said and done, you have new life ahead of you and things will be okay. Michelle was always present, quick to respond, available, on time, approachable, and encouraging. I truly feel that I was blessed to have the best attorney I could have asked for here in Orange County and she truly delivered for us. I am thankful that I had Michelle there on my side to help me protect my present and future and to think of all of the things that are often get over looked it these types of cases that truly enabled me to provide and care for my children.

I have nothing but sincere gratitude for Michelle and her expertise and am ever blessed to have been represented by her.
– Desiree

“The Best!!!”

What a blessing to be living in the truth. I thank you for holding my hand all the way through the painful process. I am so much stronger now. Thank you for helping me understand exactly what  I was in for. For painting both sides of the canvas, so that i saw the bigger picture. For holding my head up when it seemed impossible. You helped me believe in me again. You encouraged me when I doubted, and you listened when I asked stupid questions. You are the perfect team, complimenting each others strengths. Thank you thank you thank you.
– a client

“Best Ever – They got my back…”

Ludwig Law Center has been so supportive during my divorce, very upbeat, positive and trustworthy. Getting a divorce is not easy or fun and it’s very scary and a lot of work. I felt very secure and safe in the feeling that they had my back. I totally trust their judgement and have a feeling of security knowing I hired the right firm.
– Corinne

“No Fear!”

I walked into Ludwig Law Center a very insecure person. Their assertiveness and confidence gave me the courage to keep moving forward through the divorce process. They kept me informed
every step of the way. Thank you Michelle and Eric.
– Cathy

“Excellent Attorney”

I have had many experiences with attorneys both personally and professionally, and Eric is by far and away one of the best. Not only have I received good legal advice and representation, the level of customer service I have received has been beyond my expectations.

It is rare to find an attorney that is able to handle the entire litigation process, from developing strategies, litigating in court, and dealing with opposing counsel, as good as Eric. Adding to the professional expertise, he has given me the support and information I need to deal with the ups and down of my case; having Eric on my side has been a blessing.
– Matt

Divorce Proceedings

Eric and Michelle Ludwig are amazing! The process of going through a divorce is not a pleasant thought, let alone deed. Eric and Michelle have helped take the sting out of the ordeal and have been a tremendous help and resource. I hope that I don’t need their services again, but should the need arise, I wouldn’t hesitate to call Eric and Michelle and hire them. They are excellent!
– Jesse