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Civil litigation is an important legal practice area that involves the resolving of non-criminal matters in a court of law.

Many of these cases involve business disputes, although personal injury also falls under the umbrella of civil litigation. Whether you require defense or hope to file a lawsuit, you can depend on Ludwig Law Center, Inc. for excellent legal service.

The Role of a Civil Litigation Lawyer

A civil litigation lawyer performs numerous essential duties, but in general, this type of attorney is responsible for guiding clients through the process of filing or responding to a lawsuit. After determining the best way to proceed, the litigator files a complaint on behalf of his or her client. Litigators defending the targets of lawsuits must file answers to initial complaints. Defendants also have the option to file counter-complaints.

Once all complaints and counter-complaints have been filed, litigators launch into the discovery phase, which involves a thorough investigation and the examination of all available evidence. During this time, civil litigators may call upon third party witnesses to offer much-needed information about each case. At any point during this process, clients can opt for settlements instead of taking cases to trial.

For those who choose to pursue a courtroom resolution, evidence gathered during the discovery phase must be presented in front of a judge or jury. After a verdict has been reached, the decision can be challenged. If unhappy with the results, the dissatisfied party may also file an appeal. This process can be lengthy, which is why many clients choose to close cases via settlement.

Types of Civil Matters Handled at Ludwig Law Center, Inc.

Michelle & Eric Ludwig, Featured Law Firm in Orange County Journal

Michelle & Eric Ludwig, Featured Law Firm in Orange County Journal

Michelle Ludwig and Eric Ludwig handle a wide array of civil litigation matters. The majority of these involve business litigation, including breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, and deceptive practices. Ludwig Law Center, Inc. also handles some personal injury cases. With Michelle and Eric Ludwig’s help, victims of negligence can secure the compensation they deserve.

Whether you hope to achieve a quick settlement or take your case to trial, you can count on Ludwig Law Center, Inc. for aggressive civil representation. Michelle and Eric Ludwig have successfully resolved a variety of complex civil cases — and they are eager to help you bring your case to a satisfactory close. Feel free to reach out to Ludwig Law Center, Inc. for more information about the civil litigation process.